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By suvro99
I prefer using Windows for personal use, but when it comes to servers, then Linux all the way! What about everyone else?
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By panos
I prefer Linux when setting up Website.

However if a Program requires Windows to run, then I'll go for Windows.

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By leoR
Linux for web servers and other Linux optimized daemons. I work with Windows servers every day, so that's my kind of game.

As a client, I am a windows guy who wants to go full Linux, but I love all my games.
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By farhandiesel
For my personal computers, it's Windows 10 all the way, but for servers, it's Linux. I just find Windows licensing to be very cost prohibitive.
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By Alexzee
I've tinkered with using linux as a desktop before but that annoying moment always comes when you want to use a piece of windows only software, I know their are solutions to this but I thought screw it just use windows on the desktop.
And it's always good to be able to jump into battle on a game when on quite days I don't really like windows but hate macs even more. If game developers would support linux I'd go with desktop linux always.

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